Are Wood Windows the Right Choice for You?

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What feels more like home to you – a concrete building or a log cabin? There’s no denying that wood just feels more natural. We associate wood with warmth and comfort. Plus, wood is incredibly versatile in that it can be luxurious or very understated. Wood windows are no exception! Arch City Windows specializes with wood windows, and for good reason. Wood windows add a sense of home that just can’t be beat. With a huge variety of types of wood and as well as colors and grains, you’ll find the window that is perfect for your home.

Wood windows are not only stylish but also incredibly efficient. They are sturdy and have an authentic feel is hard to replace with modern technology. Because of wood’s high quality, it’s very difficult to create a truly beautiful imitation of wood. In fact, fake wood tends to come off as rather tacky and can actually lower the value of your home.

Some studies show that natural wood frames help keep your home far better insulated than either steel or aluminum window frames, helping you save even more on your energy bills and feel especially comfortable in your home. Another important factor to consider is sound. If you use cheap, thin material for your windows, you will block almost no sound coming in or out. If you would like to protect your privacy as well as prevent annoying noise disturbances, you want a solid material like wood.

If you are interested in painting, wood can be painted over much easier than vinyl or any other material, and it will look far better painted. However, most wood’s natural color and grain is already so attractive that you won’t want to diminish it at all!

Looking for a more natural feel in your home? Call us today and we’ll help you decide if wood windows are the right choice for you!