The Right Way to Clean Your Windows

Windows that are smudged or have marks on them look tacky and have their value diminished. Plus, nobody likes looking out a dirty window! Did you know that you’re supposed to thoroughly clean your windows at least twice a year? Arch City Window has some great tips for you to improve the quality and function of your windows.

Most homeowners make the mistake of just wadding up some newspaper and spraying some Windex on the window and thinking they’re done. This is not how you should clean your windows. Although our method takes a little bit longer, your windows will look so good that you’ll know it was worth it. For this method you’ll need a strip applicator (or natural sponge, depending on type of window), a squeegee, a chamois cloth, a lint-free rag, and some water with dish soap.

This method works for both picture and paned windows. With the pane windows, you just need smaller tools that fit your panes correctly.

Strip Applicator/Sponge

If you’re cleaning off a picture window, your first step is to get a strip applicator, which can usually be found at any home goods store. It’s the long, sort-of fuzzy looking thing that you’ve probably seen before. Get some warm water and a little bit of dish soap (not too much), soak the strip applicator in it, and then wipe down the window with it. A little goes a long way! Make sure to get all the dirt and push a little bit harder to get major spots off.

If you’re cleaning a multi-paned window that has smaller panes, a strip applicator is probably going to be too big. Natural sponges are a fantastic option as they can get the dirt out of corners without much trouble.



For the next step, you’re going to do the bulk of the drying. It’s similar to when you clean your windows at a gas station, but with a different pattern and a bit more precision. Grab the squeegee and dry off the window, using S-pattern wipes. This means that you’ll start at the top left if you’re right-handed and the stop right if you’re left-handed. It’s important that after every wipe you dry the squeegee off with the lint-free rug so that you get any excess water off.

The Small Details

Cleaning your windows is pointless if you leave small spots of water in the edges. If you’re using the recommended s-pattern technique, you won’t be able to get the corners and some of the sides. We still recommend you use it the technique because it will do a better job cleaning the bulk of your window. To clean up the little spots leftover, you’ll use the chamois cloth. Simply wipe off the remnants and use your lint-free rag to clean off the windowsill.

And there you have it! You’re ready to move on to the next window. Cleaning your windows doesn’t need to be a labor-intensive process, but if you want your windows to look great, it’s important to take your time and give them enough attention.

Another way to have great windows is to buy great windows. If your windows just aren’t staying clean or are looking old, it might be time to invest in new ones. Check out for more information.