The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows

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Did you know that something as simple as your windows could have an impact on your overall energy bills?

For around 12 hours a day, the sun is almost constantly beating down upon your house. In the summer, when it’s really hot out, you need windows that will prevent heat from coming in which will help reduce the heat in your home and therefore the amount of energy you need to cool it with the air conditioner. In the winter, you want windows that will trap the precious, little heat the sun offers and keep it in your home, reducing the amount of energy you use on heating. But, you don’t need to replace your windows every season; you just need the right type of windows that will work for all the seasons.

Our solution is simple: we use a “low-e glass” which features a transparent coating, thinner than even a human hair, that drastically increases your efficiency. This coating reflects long-wave infrared energy (aka heat) from outside on hot days and the same energy back inside on cold days. Some low-e glass also reflects a significant amount of short-wave solar infrared energy. The windows work similar a thermos by trapping heat in to keep soup warm or reflecting heat away to keep a drink cold.

Don’t believe us? That’s understandable, because it’s impossible to see without the right tools. Just ask your Arch City representative to show you! Our state-of-the-art thermal technology can show you just how much money is leaking out the window thanks to your heating and cooling systems. It may be frustrating to see, but rest assured the fix is as simple as a quick call to Arch City Window.

Even if you aren’t quite ready to replace your windows, our representatives will be happy to upgrade their sealant with our top-quality material, patching up and holes or cracks and keeping your windows satisfactory until you’re ready for an upgrade.

When your windows are out-of-date, broken, or simply low quality windows, they do a poor job of handling the sun’s energy. In a world where energy efficiency is king, you can continue to improve your efficiency with our services. Contact us now to find out how we can help!