Styles of Windows

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At Arch City Windows, we have access to nearly 900 different windows that you can choose from. Narrowing down what you want can be hard, but with our help you will certainly find what you are looking for. Often times, customers are familiar with the shape or size of a window but don’t quite know all of the specific names. Worry not! Here’s a list of some of the common types of windows:

  • Double Hung. This traditional and stylish window is able to be opened up from both the bottom and the top. Great circulation and good views.
  • Casement. A rectangular window that has hinges and opens from one end. Great as a complement window or as a stand-alone style.
  • Awning. Similar to the casement, awning windows are hinged but are hinged on the top and open outward.
  • Sliding. These windows feature a clean design and wide view and slide from one side to the other to open.
  • Picture. Picture windows are non-operable windows that are great for lighting let pour into your house.
  • Bay. Bay windows project outward from an outside wall, creating extra space in the area and letting light in.
  • Bow. Similar to bay windows, bow windows curve out but are usually a collection of 4-5 windows that make the curve as opposed to 1-3.
  • Garden. Project a small space outside of a wall, allowing plants to grow inside the space using sunlight.
  • Special. A variety of peculiar shapes and designs certain to add character and function to any space.

This list is just a small list of examples that are likely to fit your needs. After a tour of your home or the desired window you would like replaced, our technicians will be able to lend expert advice that will help you make an informed decision about which style is the perfect fit for your specific request.

If you don’t see what you need or would like to inquire about other styles of windows, contact Arch City Window today!