Four Reasons for New Windows

Between constant use, sunlight, and going up against the elements, it’s not surprising to think that windows aren’t made to last forever. Do you think you’re in the market to replace yours? Here are four signs it’s time:

  • Rotting Wood. When it starts to rain, we do our best to stay as dry as possible. Well, water affects your windows, too! When it rains, water can get into the cracks of the wood and sit, causing the wood to weaken and rot away, so It’s important to check on the wood of the windowsills. Not only is rotting wood unappealing to look at, it’s dangerous and a clear sign that your windows need to be replaced. Because it starts at the inside and moves out, you might not be able to see it until it is too late. When the exterior begins to rot, the wood has significantly weakened leaving the window vulnerable to damage and also making it a more appealing target for thieves.
  • Compromised Glass. A window with a hole in it won’t do you much good! Even if the damage on the glass is minor, a window with compromised glass should be replaced as soon as possible. Once a crack begins to form, it is easy for the damage to split and spider web across the whole window, effectively destroying the window and leaving your house completely vulnerable. With double-paned windows, a small compromise on one side leaves the interior space susceptible to damage from water vapor. Although the windows have materials to protect against the vapor, when enough of it builds up it will fog the window completely, leaving it weak and practically useless.
  • Energy Efficiency. With temperatures continuing to rise and more pressure being put on homeowners to increase their energy efficiency, more and more people are looking to an unexpected solution: windows. Since windows are constantly being hit by the sun, it is important to make sure they are not only absorbing heat but also absorbing it at the right times. You want windows that will absorb and store heat in the cold, winter months to keep your house warmer and reduce the need for your heater. In the summer, you want windows that will minimize heat gained from the sun and keep your houses cool and comfortable. This simple change can make an impact on your energy usage, reducing your monthly bills and improving your comfort.
  • Broken & Old Windows. When you walk down your street and see a house with broken windows, what’s the first thing you think of? Probably something along the lines of tacky or unsafe. Broken windows not only lower your curb appeal and house’s overall value, they lower your appeal as well. Broken windows suggest a lack of care in your home. It’s important to take pride in your living space and make sure it’s looking it’s best. Broken windows will do little to keep the elements out, and are very attractive for somebody looking to break into your home. If your windows are broken to the point where they can’t be opened, imagine how much happier you’ll be to feel the breeze when you can open them again.

Windows are one of a house’s primary features, both practically and superficially. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your windows. With new and improved windows, you’ll be seeing things much more clearly!