To Buy Custom Windows or Not to Buy Custom Windows

That is the question.

Stock windows are standard-sized windows that are made in bulk. There are many benefits to buying stock windows for your home. They are cheaper than custom made windows. Because they are mass produced, they’re made quickly and they’re usually right there in stock waiting to be installed. New constructions usually have stock windows because they’re cheaper, it cuts down on their build cost and they’re readily available and if you have a newer home, we probably have stock windows to fit it. When it comes time to replace them, having a standard size makes them easier and quicker to replace.

Stock windows are not always cheaper, however. If your current windows are irregular and not of a standard size, the technician may need to construct a smaller opening to accommodate the stock window or make a larger opening for it. This could eat into any savings you may have made by buying the standard windows in the first place. Custom windows can be constructed to fit perfectly into the existing opening, and the tighter the fit, the more energy efficient the window is.

Custom windows can transform your house from being a cookie cutter copy of every other house on your block to a beautiful showcase home that looks like no other. They can be designed to complement your home’s architectural features or create a dramatic improvement in its curb appeal. Custom windows can bring sunlight in to brighten low-light rooms and take advantage of the solar warmth, helping you to cut heating costs. Larger custom windows will make your house feel much more open and bigger and will let you bring the outside in. Custom windows can be more expensive and can take longer to receive them for installation, but they can really customize the look of your home.

The number of shapes and sizes of custom windows is endless! You can use your imagination and customize your windows to fit your own personality! By adding a custom window that is unique will not only make your home stand out from all the rest, but it will add to the overall value of your house.
So to buy custom windows or not? Our representatives at Arch City Window would love to sit down and discuss your options. We can take a look your existing windows and measure them and calculate the cost of standard vs. custom windows. We can discuss your budget and your aspirations for the look of your home, and recommend the right window for you.