Bay and Bow Windows by Arch City Windows

Enhance the architectural design of your home while including an impressive focal point and deeper dimension with a new bay window or bow window, from Arch City Window of St. Louis, Missouri. These distinctive windows are made for durability and made with care to guarantee they offer a lifetime of elegance.

The correct arrangement of windows may increase the size of your living areas, producing the effect of the outside being an extension of your home. Natural light and the exterior surroundings of your home may appear as much a part of your living room as your television or couch.

Bay and bow windows are two of the most highly effective window combinations in generating a natural setting in your home. Both the bay and bow window protrudes outward from your home, giving you a crescent set-up and almost a 180-degree viewing area. Along with great views from your home, this additional, prolonged space may be used for counter space, or perhaps, another area to sit and enjoy the weather.

Though bay and bow windows work in identical styles, there are some differences between them.

Usually, a bay window consists of three windows, with the center one being the biggest. The middle window is pushed out from your external wall while the windows on either side, commonly known as flankers, are angled back in towards your house. The flankers may be installed as fixed or casement, double hung, subject to your choice. The combination of the middle window along with the flankers generates an array of vision from your property, which other people find it difficult to match.

While a bay window has three windows, a bow window features 3 to 6 windows that are the same size. More windows produce a less distinct, gentler curve in the positioning and give you an even bigger view and also additional light. Generally, bow windows are placed as casement or fixed. Based on which set-up you select, the greater number of windows can as well produce better movement of air in case you opt to open them up.

You may select the best places to install your bay or bow windows depending on which rooms you feel require extra space or where you can take the greatest advantage of the additional views they produce. Dining areas, living rooms and kitchens, all are terrific choices for bay and bow windows.

Windows are an effective way to make your home feel a part of the atmosphere around it. With bay and bow windows, the idea of the outside being taken inside is increased.

Bay and Bow Window Features

  • Multi-channel design for extra insulation between window units
  • Extruded sashes and vinyl frames boost energy efficiency
  • Class A furniture-grade, hand-selected oak or seatboard, and birch veneer head paint and stain ready
  • Exterior roof system with painted aluminum roof clad kit or optional copper.

Bay and bow windows can be found in an array of stylish interior and exterior shades at Arch City Window. These windows are usually used to give the impression of a bigger room. They are used to maximize the flow of natural light into a property and also offer views of the outside, which could not be present with a regular window. It is probably for these reasons that bay windows have grown to be an architectural choice in St. Louis, Missouri.

Arch City Window is your local professionals for bay and bow window installation, offering high-quality products and professional craftsmanship. Please call us today for more information about Bay and Bow windows.