Energy loss from Old Windows

Window maintenance is a usually an ignored part of home improvement. Replacing older windows with energy saving windows is a well known DIY project. However not all older windows have to be replaced whenever you come across issues, and some traditional districts have quite stern guidelines. Some windows might require ropes replaced, paint removed, glass replaced, and caulks to seal the air leaks.

Your cooling and heating costs may come down substantially should you replace your old windows. You might feel as if your present windows are that inefficient; however, they might still be a primary reason for energy loss in your home.

You can save lots of cash invested in the repairs, servicing, and installation of your air conditioner, furnace or boiler. A great way to achieve this is to replace your old windows with new ones. What is another additional benefit of having new windows beside energy efficiency in St. Louis, Missouri? Well, they look much better and boost the value of your home also. You will notice a big difference with new windows once you get your old ones replaced.

To be clear, what do we really mean by old windows? Well, we are describing the old wood framed windows seen in older homes, which have currently become outdated. The homes with such old windows lose plenty of their energy through their windows as their defective frame permits the leakage of air. Old windows often have one pane of usual glass and the single pane glass offers substandard insulation. Sunlight pours through the glass into the room in times of the summer and makes the room quite stuffy and hot. On the other hand in the winter months, all of the heating of the room easily gets away through the glass. It is a known fact that glass isn’t a fine insulator. This may be easily noticed from a day-to-day use item; glass cookware. Food stored in glassware cools quite quicker compared to other containers. The same applies to your home in the winter months.

With old windows, you keep the air conditioner/ furnace functioning for a longer time to maintain the temperature of your home/room. The result- higher energy costs! Even though you have a slightly newer set of windows for example steel and aluminum framed windows with double or triple panes, these windows might still not be as energy saving compared to those that are created from the latest technology. Nowadays, you can buy a much better window at a much cheaper price in St. Louis, Missouri.

There have been massive advances in window technology over the last twenty years; that has made single-paned windows outdated. The modern windows currently have two panes of glass with a layer of air between them. The layer of air works by the adding additional layer of insulation in these double-paned windows.

Therefore, now when the air conditioning is on, the room remains cool for a much longer period and when you have your heat on at the time of cold winters, it will remain comfortable the entire day all owing to the smart technology currently used for windows in St. Louis, Missouri. If you wish to reduce your energy expenses and even improve the look and value of your home consider replacing your old windows today.